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What You Need to Know About Behaving at a Casino Table

Gambling has become the most popular pastime in the world, with the casinos offering a wide range of options for the players to have fun with. Everyone has had a first time at casinos, and it would have surely been overwhelming. The lights, the noise, and the rules might add up to make for an intimidating game. This may be the last thing gamblers want from a casino game because most of them are there to be a part of the festivities and make money.

However, you will need to acclimatize with the conditions within a casino in order to contribute to the gaiety. It wouldn’t matter if you are not a source of joy for others, but you definitely don’t want to be the cause of widespread annoyance at a casino. You must learn how to go against the expert players without throwing any tantrums. Even experienced gamblers tend to make such mistakes. Here are a few tips on how you must behave when playing table casino games.

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General Rules

  • You must always greet when joining a table.
  • Never give your money to the dealer.
  • Do not leave your seat if you want a drink. Ask the cocktail waitresses to get a beverage of your choice. This is done so as to minimize distractions during the game.
  • Avoid using your phone at the table. Since many people even use it to cheat while playing, you are advised to turn off your device.
  • Bear in mind the point that you do not have all the time in the world to place a bet. Most of the other players could easily get irritated by having to wait for their turn.
  • Stop touching your chips all the time.

Game-Specific Rules

1.   Roulette

  • Ask for your roulette chips when you join the table.
  • Put the bets in neat piles without creating a mess. You can ask for the dealer’s assistance if you find it difficult to handle the chips.
  • Quit the game once you have earned enough with the roulette chips.

2. Craps

  • You need to know how much you are planning to buy for the game.
  • Place the bets when the dice are still on the table.
  • When you throw the dice, do it in such a way that it touches the other edge of the table.
  • Keep your hands away from the box when the game is on.

3. Blackjack

  • To avoid distractions on the table, ask if you can join the game.
  • Try to learn the table talk and hand gestures to make betting on the tables easier.
  • Only minimal interaction is expected from the players; so, do not touch your cards. Feel free to ask the dealer for the rules if you are unaware of the right way to play.


4. Poker

  • Never give unwanted or unsolicited advice when playing on the table.
  • Focus on your game, and do not indulge in conversations about your hand.
  • Slow rolls are downright disrespectful; so, avoid doing that and try placing your cards on the table.

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